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No hands, no feet, no gravity, no problem! Nothing scares the daredevils who compete on the Boost Mobile tour. Driven by pure adrenaline, talented freestyle motorcycle riders will perform a carnival of awe inspiring tricks, ramp to ramp.

The intense sport of Freestyle Motocross is growing like never before. Although it has been around for years, Freestyle Motocross is the most popular event on the nationally televised X-Games and Gravity Games extreme sports competition series. Youve seen the action on some of the biggest networks, such as ESPN, ESPN2, Fuel, ABC, & NBC.

Freestyle motocross is not racing, instead contests concentrates on acrobatic stunts while jumping motocross bikes. Each event spotlights 8 to 10 riders without a sense of self-preservation, as they performed complex tricks. Riders are scored on style, level of difficulty, best use of the course and frequently crowd reactions as well.

The athletes that make Freestyle Motocross the popular sport it is today are rare and talented. Only a few select riders have what it takes to become professional freestylers in this highly competitive sport.

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